Friday 11 March 2022

I am still blogging...

I am still blogging … 

but I’ve moved.

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Saturday 22 January 2022

My dessert

 My dessert that i help my mum make. It was very yummy we all had ice cream with it.

My stones

One stone got be happy and the other stone got be kind.


Friday 21 January 2022

My first year for Summer Learning Journey

 I enjoyed making the ice with different things in it.

The one I find tricky was when I am 17 because i had to think about what i was going to be and do. 

1 It make me think about things and I learned how to get help when i needed it.

2 I learned how to write poems.

3 How to make things I have never make before.

I would like to see more drawings and making other things.

Happy New Year for 2022 I had lots of fun with doing the Summer Learning Journey with my family.

Wednesday 19 January 2022

My ice

 Inside my ice i have wool, leaf, paper, sticks, stones, flowers and grass i had so much fun making this ice.

Friday 14 January 2022

My ice

I put hot water in to a ice cream with my mum help and then i put my two sticks, yellow flower, two green leaf, daisy and stone. I had so much fun.